Are you ready to take your health and fitness to the next level? Looking to get on track after a long layoff? How about just trying to figure out how much you should really be eating so you can lose that extra weight around your middle.

At TCR we specialize in the science behind the goal, whether you’re trying to win your next Ironman or just get yourself off the couch.

The gold standard in cardio-respiratory testing. The perfect test for determining your baseline fitness, training zones and overall health.  Assessments can be done on a our Woodway Treadmill or Velotron Test Bike.  Key markers such as heart rate zones, FTP for cyclists and fat burning zones are identified.  Included is a 10 min discussion of your results.

Price: $129 + GST (allow 60-75 min – new price)

We have expanded our VO2 protocols and added in some lactate testing to provide you with more information and validation of your results.

Our new VO2 – R is a 3-test visit
The “R” stands for Range

Day One.  Assessment #1: Fat Max. 2 min stage protocol looking at your best zones for burning fat and aerobic training (Zones 1-4). An easy test up to 12 min.

Day One. Assessment #2: VO2 Peak. Your best maximum oxygen consumption and measure of fitness. Performed 10 min after the Fat Max test.  A shorter version of VO2max looking at your cardio-respiratory efficiency and limits (Zones 5-6).  Only 4-6 min.

Day Two. Assessment #3: Lactate Threshold. What is your best steady state for exercise? A new look at your FTP using fingertip blood lactate samples.  3 x 6 min efforts at different workloads.   The lactate threshold can be done the next day or week after Day One testing.

Three accurate assessments over two days.
Get your VO2 – R figured out so you train efficiently and with confidence!

Price: $199 + GST
(allow 60 min for Day One and Day Two )

Resting metabolic testing is an excellent test for individuals interested in weight loss and overall health. Everyone person has a unique metabolism that should be addressed on an individual basis.

  • You will receive your metabolic rate.  Is it high, low or average?   i.e. 1200 calories / day.  This then affects your nutrition intake.
  • Substrate at rest.  Do you burn fat well?  Ideally, your metabolism should be 80% FAT and 20% CARBS.  This is often not the case due to diet and exercise.  From the RMR, we then recommend a look at your food intake.  This helps put the pieces together and fill the gaps.
  • Please bring in a 3 day food log prior to the RMR test.  I.e. Tues, Thurs and Sat.  Record everything you put digest; food and fluids.  You can record this on a spreadsheet.  The test is performed in the morning in a fasted state which means no food 12 hrs prior to.  Water is OK.
  • RMR testing days are Tues, Wed and Friday.  8:00, 9:00 or 10:00 AM.

RMR is also the easiest fitness test you will ever do! The measurement requires you to sit and breathe into the metabolic cart for 30 minutes. This type of testing determines your minimum caloric requirement for everyday living (kcals/day).

Resting Metabolic Rate: $129 + GST (new price)

Our staff are Certified Exercise Physiologists (CEP) which enable us to give you repeatable and accurate measurements.

We will measure you just as we measure our athletes, or we can cater to any special requests for measurements you may have.  We will reveal just what you’re made of.  Is it fat?  Is it lean mass?  We’ll let you know, and give you recommendations on  what you can and should do to improve your body composition.

Our TCR Body Composition Testing takes about 20 min and is available for $59 + GST

We conduct cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) for individuals that have a potential Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) diagnosis.  The two-day Steven’s Protocol is used whereby the patient performs two progressive VO2 tests over two days separated by 24 hrs.  We measure energy production, ventilation, heart rate, substrate utilization and lactate accumulation.   The CPET has been shown to be a robust post-exertional symptom flare (termed, post-exertional malaise); a cardinal symptom of the disease.

Patients are often referred by Dr. Eleanor Stein who specializes in ME/CFS and environmental sensitives.  TCR is one of the team members of Dr. Stein’s group.

For more information, please contact Exercise Physiologist Cory Fagan

Our CPET procedure takes 60-70 min per day and is available for $699 + GST

A detailed 15 page report is compiled a few days after your CPET assessments.  Copies are sent to you and your physician for review.

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    Hemoglobin Testing

    TCR’s blood-testing machine can quickly measure your levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit. These are essential to track how much iron you have delivering oxygen to your muscles to maintain energy levels.

    Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Testing $49 + GST

    Running Gait Analysis

    One of the easiest ways of running faster or increasing your run enjoyment is through proper running technique. The gait analysis will evaluate shoe choice, stride technique, body position, stride rate and overall training.  We approach running from a “Posture first” philosophy as correct posture allows proper technique to develop.

    This 2 part evaluation will compare your running style to researched methods of efficient distance running. Two 45 minute sessions will focus on developing the stronger points of your running ability as well work on minimizing aspects of your stride than may cause injury or inefficiency.

    Gait Analysis $175 – Includes Two Visits

    Nutritional Consult

    Our nutritionists will help you understanding what changes you can make to ensure your diet provides you with desired results.  This is an individualized service tailored to deliver on your unique needs, whether the demands are for high performance or just healthier living. 

    Your investment  for the Nutrition Consultation is $149 


    These packages are designed for the ultimate training experience. If you are looking to take your training to the next level, put the science to work and see the results!
    VO2 Test
    Run Analysis
    Body Comp
    REG $363
    Resting Metabolic Rate
    Body Comp
    VO2 Test
    Bike Fit on DFU
    REG $666
    PHYS 365 (Qrtly Testing)
    VO2 Test
    Body Comp