At TCR, we love using science to help you achieve your goals. Canada’s first dedicated Altitude Lab is our way of helping you achieve them. The “human body is a wonderful organism that continually adapts to a stimulus.”  Our stimulus is to use short episodes of altitude exposure to produce a positive change in your body.  You will experience an improvement in your metabolism, fitness, breathing and body composition in a relatively short period of time.

Who is Altitude for?

Altitude Training has a very wide range of application.  Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking for a safe way to start exercise or planning a hike in a few months, all you have to do is starting moving in our chamber.  You do NOT have to be an athlete or preparing for a race.  You will immediately experience improvement in your breathing and recovery rate.  This is the most noticeable change within a few sessions.  With each session, your body adapts quickly to moving at high altitude. This is the beauty of this room!  It doesn’t matter if you run, walk, bike or row, your body will adapt quickly improving your everyday movements outside the chamber.

Weight Loss

Are you looking to drop a few extra pounds but have hit a plateau? When your exercise is no longer delivering results then Altitude Training is the perfect option to get your metabolism moving again. There are two points to consider on why to try Altitude training for weight loss: 
Increase Caloric Expenditure and improvement in Fat Utilization

Performance & Acclimatization

You may simply just want to get ready for a high altitude trip to Kilimanjaro or a hike in the mountains. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel to these destinations, which is where our Altitude Lab can help with the preparation.

If setting a personal best is in order, do what all high performance athletes do, go to Altitude.  On average, cyclists gain 10-20W of power over 6 sessions and runner’s take 5% off their PB’s.  You will see an improvement in power and speed but also breathing rate and recovery.  Use science to get ready!

Type 1 Diabetes

Over the last two years, we have been monitoring the effects of altitude training on Type 1 diabetics.  We have been practicing the theory that altitude improves our body’s ability to metabolize and control blood sugar levels.  Our Type 1 clients have repeatedly reported that altitude training reduces the amount of insulin required to stabilize their blood sugar.  This is powerful.  Less insulin usage and more controlled blood sugar levels throughout the day.  If you would like more information or know of someone with Type 1 diabetes, please contact us.

Injury Recovery

Are your recovering from an injury and having a hard time getting your heart rate elevated?  Moving at high altitude will help you get back into form faster than at normal elevation.  Due to the higher altitude, you can walk, run or cycle at a lower intensity but at the same heart rate prior to injury.  Many clients with hip and knee replacements in addition to those with soft tissue injuries are using the chamber to regain their cardio-vascular fitness.

Altitude Schedule

Changes to Altitude Classes

  • Extra dehumidifiers
  • Only 4 participants per class
  • Air Purifiers
  • COVID-19 RAPID Test prior to class (@ TCR)
*You will be required to book in 6 week blocks at the SAME day and time every week.

How High do we go?

The greatest adaptations occur over 7000ft.  However, most of us spend our time well below this elevation meaning it is difficult for us to get the “mountain magic.” 

We use a 3-week rotation:
Week 1: 10,000 ft (3000 m)
Week 2: 12,000 ft (3600 m)
Week 3: 14,000 ft (4200 m)

Every week will have a specific program consisting of intervals and aerobic training depending on the elevation and your physical responseIt’s not all hard but rather a methodical approach to give you the benefits of altitude each week.

Questions About Altitude Training?


Altitude 6 Pack
$299/Altitude Pass
Bike or Treadmill. 1 or 2X per week
Altitude 12 Pack
$540/Altitude Pass
Bike or Treadmill. 1 or 2X per week
Altitude 24 Pack
$960/Altitude Pass
Bike or Treadmill. 1 or 2X per week