Indoor Cycling Classes 2021-22

Indoor Cycling information

2021-2022 Indoor Cycling Season

The fall classes had a great start.  We have opened up the studio to 24 riders for Feb-Mar and April classes.

All riders at TCR will be required to:

  • COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Complete a new health waiver
    *Zoom Riders at home are not required to be vaccinated.

Indoor and Zoom Cycling

April 5-30, 2022

24 stations per class on Computrainer Trainers (*wheel-on)


*Participants required to use a proper indoor cycling tire (outdoor tires not permitted)

TCR’s on-line store

April 8-29, 2022 (Friday’s 6AM)

Zoom is back for 2021-22
Our popular Zoom classes will return to provide riders more options for indoor cycling.
Our head coach Selina Campbell will again taking through you a progression of entertaining workouts over the fall and winter.

April Indoor Cycling (CT) and Zoom Fees

  • Zoom: $39 + GST for 4 weeks (Fridays)
  • CT: $160 + GST (1 class per week for 4 weeks)
  • Drop in: $45 + GST

Registration Open

*Indoor Cycling participants from each previous block of classes will have the right of first refusal to register in their previous time slot.  Riders will be notified prior to.