TCR Biographies

Cory Fagan

Founder and Co-Owner

TCR is a lifelong dream for Cory that began in 2006.  His vision was to build a sport science center to help people achieve their goals.  A place for people to connect and participate in movement.  Today, TCR has a great team of coaches and technicians that has brought the dream together.  “We are able to help people from start to finish and thankful for the patronage from our great clients.”

Cory’s has been involved in the fitness, health and sport training industry for the past 25 years.   Academically, Cory received a honours degree in Physical Education in 1996 and a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology in 2000 both from the University of Calgary. His studies focused on advanced methodologies of exercise testing and strength training for athletes.  His career began as a strength and conditioning coach at the UofC and then the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Athletics.

Today, Cory focuses are multi-faceted ranging from coaching and lab assessments to TCR’s Altitude Chamber.  The other half of his time is developing TCR’s growing Bike Shop and reputable Bike Fitting.  A full plate of endeavours that keeps him busy and happy to come to work every day.  After work, Cory enjoys all forms of biking and the occasional triathlon…living the TCR dream.  He is fortunately able to spend his recreation with his partner Seabird and family.

Selina Campbell

Lead Programs Manager, Triathlon and Running Coach

Selina is our programs manager, tri-team coach and personal coach, and has been with TCR since 2013. She brings with her a wealth of experience.

She is an import from England and survived 3 years of commuting around London before moving out here!

Her scientific background (she is a PhD chemist from Cambridge University) gives her a thirst for knowledge and research, meaning she is always current with the very latest in physiology and exercise performance to deliver the very best to her clients.

She pairs the theoretical side with extensive personal racing experience – She was 2013 ATA Female triathlete of the year after becoming provincial sprint AG champion that year and has a long, long course race resume! 20+ 70.3IM races (including 6 World championships), 11 full, Ironmans with an AG win at 2019 IMC to get her to Kona later that year.  Selina also competes in gravel bike races and has also done XTERRA triathlon and 24 hrs of Adrenalin MB race. Her idea of a fun vacation is a multi-day bike-packing trip! On the run front she is a 3x Boston qualifier.

On top of all this she is a busy Mom of 3 teenagers so fully understands the needs of a family and how it is vital that any training plan has to be totally customized to each client’s unique home and work situation. It is this rounded understanding that has enabled her to coach all levels and ages of athletes from beginner, to 70yr+ new cyclists to 70.3 World championship qualifiers.

Whatever your personal active lifestyle of race goals, Selina can help you achieve them!

John Churchill

Strength Coach, Bike Fitter & Retail Manager

John Churchill is a bike fitting technician, strength coach, and sales extraordinaire here at TCR.  John obtained his BSc in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo BS and shortly after began his career as a personal trainer in 2014.  His kinesiology background makes him a leader in the bike fitting world with road, triathlon, and mountain bikes.

John’s training style begins with the foundations of functional movement (Squat, Bend, Push, Pull, Lunge, Twist, and Gait).  He believes in focusing on the movement patterns and the feeling of the movements so they can be translated to sport and everyday activities. You need to be good before you can be fast and strong.

On a personal note, John has extensive experience endurance sport world. Throughout high school and university John raced middle distance in Cross Country.  Since 2000, he has been an avid mountain biker, and started racing in 2006.  In 2008 John ventured into the world of road biking.  In 2018 John placed 3rd in the Golden 24 Men’s Solo and completed his first Ironman 70.3 in 2019.

Whether you are looking for a that perfect bike fit, a new bike, or strength training, come in and meet with John!

Liam Campbell

Bike Technician

Liam is our new tech at TCR. He has been working with bikes for almost 3 years and is excited to experience working in the high-end bike field. Other than tuning and riding bikes Liam likes to listen to and play music, and get outside frequently snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, and camping.

His positive attitude and passion for healthy living means he is always ready to get your bike back on the road, looking good as ever and ready to steal those KOMs.


Petrina Tulissi

Cycling Coach

Petrina competed in elite sports for over 15 years and has been coaching cyclists, triathletes and para athletes for over 25 years. She has won provincial road championships, a national tandem track cycling title, and competed in pro races, but watching her athletes gain confidence on the road, in their packs, and in their abilities is the best reward of all!  It’s common to hear “I thought I knew how to ride a bike until I met you!” as her attention to the little things helps increase efficiencies as she teaches tips and tricks to help you speed towards your goals.

We could list her years of schooling, coaching certifications, time spent with national teams and world champions, but she will more likely steer you towards conversation of traveling the world by bike, finding hidden gems and bemusements on cycling adventures, and searching for the best treats with which to re-fuel.

Keon Chiu

Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer

Keon is a Registered Kinesiologist and CSEP Certified Personal trainer.  He has a BSci in Kinesiology: Exercise and Health Physiology from the University of Calgary which was a program that was chosen due to his great interest in how the human body works and moves.

Being active was an integral part of his life socially and mentally and Keon is big on the concept of physical literacy which essentially encompasses how we learn to move and how it carries over in sport and activity.  After getting his degree in Kinesiology,  Keon decided that he wanted help others live actively by addressing individual limitations, such as rehabbing injuries and by focusing on building up essential movement skills to prevent injuries in the first place.

In his spare time, Keon likes to be outside hiking, or snowboarding but he has also started taking up Olympic Weightlifting with plans to compete and see how far he can get with that.

Keon’s moto is that “your goals are his goals as well.”  Come chat with him and let’s get you started living your active life by moving right!

Rachel Nicol

Kinesiologist, Swim & Altitude Coach and Personal Trainer

Rachel is a swim, altitude chamber and strength coach. She also enjoys working in the metabolic lab at TCR, as she recently graduated with a Master’s of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary in the Spring of 2022. Rachel has been an avid swimmer since a young age and has been on the National Swimming Team for Canada since 2015. She reached the Olympic stage in 2016 and most recently won bronze as part of a relay at the 19th FINA World Championships this past summer.

Rachel believes in a solid foundation when it comes to exercise. Learning the basics are imperative to gaining confidence and allowing individuals to not only function optimally in everyday life, but also progress to greater heights in whatever activity they take part in. She believes in research and evidence-based programs with a holistic approach, centered around building self-efficacy and life-long healthy habits in clients.

In her spare time Rachel volunteers on the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner – Sport Environment Assessment Group and the High Performance Athlete Advisory Council for Swimming Canada. Outside of TCR, swimming and volunteering Rachel enjoys sleeping, eating and spending time with her two black cats (Link [The Legless Wonder] and Sabbath [The Toothless Wonder]).

Rob Nowakowski

Personal Trainer, Sales Associate, Altitude and Cycling Coach

Rob has a BSci in Kinesiology: Biomechanics from the University of Calgary (working alongside some of Canada’s best speedskaters and skiers) and has brought that knowledge to personal training various populations throughout Calgary. Health and wellness, especially now in the realm of ageing, longevity, and quality of life has long been a staple of Rob’s life.

What Rob finds fascinating now in his 40s is he finds he is actually able to participate ‘stronger and smarter’ on the technical side of all three activities, no doubt due to experience, but also having sharper cognitive abilities to ‘think ahead’ while pulling more difficulty moves.

When it comes to training himself as well as others, Rob knows that strength training to build lean muscle mass is of primary importance along with supplementing aerobic capacity, mobility, athletic movement, nutrition, supplementation, sleep and surrounding ourselves with good people to maximize our health potential, positive mental well being, cognitive abilities, and hormonal levels.

“The older I get, the more serious I get about play!”

Dan Peters

Head Mechanic, Bike Fitter and Service Manager

Dan started working in the world of cycling in 2006 as a mechanic and exceptionally mediocre bike racer in Winnipeg.  Over the last 17 years he has lived in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Hamilton and now Calgary. From 2012 to 2023, Dan was Canada’s National Team Mechanic working with track, road, and para-cyclists. Having done two Olympic games, 16 World Championships, Spring Classics, World Tour Races and countless World Cups, he now makes his home in Calgary.  Dan brings to TCR a wealth of knowledge in aerodynamics pertaining to cycling, mechanics and bike fit.  Dan enjoys the sunshine, mountains, new roads and is also an avid nordic skier and road cyclist.