Functional Strength Training Level 1

What is Functional Strength Training 1 (FS1)?


FS1 is an introductory strength training, movement and balance class.  The focus of this class is to develop proper technique for all movements as well as an individual’s confidence and ability when weight training.

This program will be instructed by Jon (BKin, FMS) and Amanda (MSc, CSCS) – it only progresses as quickly as you do.


Functional Strength Training Level 1 Includes:


  • An FMS to assess current movement patterns and compensations.
  • 8 weeks of 1 hour sessions, 1 session/week, with small groups up to 4.
  • After 8 weeks participants will be advised to progress to functional strength training level 2 or to continue working on movement objectives of FS1.




8 weeks @ $40.00/session ($320.00 +Gst)

*Buy FS1 2x/week, and get 2 free altitude sessions *

Please contact with any inquires.