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I tipped the scales at 161.2 pounds today‹down from 195 pounds in January.  Your weight-loss plan continues to astound me!  Thanks. Pat K.

Weekend Warrior, Calgary, AB Canada

Thanks, the training really seems to be working. This is the best coaching I’ve ever gotten as we are really working well together. Russ G.

Cyclist, Calgary, AB Canada

Cory was great as usual and gave me just enough to work on that I’m not overwhelmed.  Definitely feel like changing 35+ years of the same running technique is not impossible. Thanks! Carli T.

Runner, Calgary, AB Canada

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome aerobar fit this week. I just finished the High River race and spent much of my bike ride in the aerobars despite them being brand new.  It just felt so comfortable!  I increased my average speed and felt stronger heading into the run.  See you in the shop soon! Shan O'fee Byrom

Triathlete, Calgary, AB Canada

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