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How Can We Help You?

I need to improve my fitness

From VO2 Max to Resting Metabolic Rate tests.  We have the science to confirm what you need.

I Need Bike Services

Whether you need a brand new bike, or you would like to fit out your existing bike. We have the technology to help you.

I need coaching

Whether in person or online, high performance or just getting started.  We can help you.

I Need To Improve My Strength

Get stronger, more mobile and balanced with our strength and mobility programs.  Let us help you identify the areas that we should target in designing the best exercises for you.

I Need To Improve My Nutrition

Let us help you shift your metabolism to the optimal fat-burning state.

Altitude and You

Let the mountains help your heart and metabolism.   Weight loss, performance and recovery.   We bring the mountains down to you in Canada’s Altitude Room.

Our Services


    TCR Sport Lab was born out of a vision to a create a place where people of any fitness level could feel welcome and supported to out perform yourself. At TCR we believe the best foundation is a science based approach to take your body to your best and we work beside you to achieve those goals.


    We consider anyone who walks through our door an athlete. It might be your first rodeo, competing at a national level or simply getting back at it after a few years off. At TCR our coaching staff are highly trained in the areas of the science of exercise, keenly observant in how we move and doing our best to be the best for you!


Our Client Reviews

I tipped the scales at 161.2 pounds today‹down from 195 pounds in January.  Your weight-loss plan continues to astound me!  Thanks.

Pat K. - Weekend Warrior, Calgary, AB Canada

Cory was great as usual and gave me just enough to work on that I’m not overwhelmed. Definitely feel like changing 35+ years of the same running technique is not impossible. Thanks!

Carli T. - Runner, Calgary, AB Canada

Thanks, the training really seems to be working. This is the best coaching I’ve ever gotten as we are really working well together.

Russ G. - Cyclist, Calgary, AB Canada