TCR Bike Fitting

We are Calgary’s most experienced bike fitters. With over 2000 fits in the past 12 years, our fitters use a well-balanced approach bringing science and experience together to help you find your perfect fit.  We use our knowledge from degrees in Kinesiology, Biomechanics, personal training and a lot of riding!

Our methodology takes into consideration your body type, flexibility, injuries, experience and goals.  We want you to be comfortable and feel great on your bike.  We will take the time to dial you into your bike whether you are looking at your first bike or your dream bike.

At TCR, Bike Fit always comes first.

$150/+ GST | Time: 90 min
*Available only when purchasing a bike from TCR*
(Time: 60 mins + 30 min delivery)
• Movement Screen
(Sit and reach + Basic mobility)
• Body Measurement using BioRacer Tool
• Dynamic Fit Unit Sizing
• Valid only through a bike purchased at TCR
$299/+ GST | Time: 2:00 hrs
• Bike fit numbers and consultation on which bike will fit you best
• Any bike brand you are interested in
• Dynamic Fit Unit Sizing (try different sizes)
• Cleat placement
• Saddle Fit
• +30min Follow up fit
• Bike Build can be added on
$349/+ GST | Time: 2:00 hrs
• Movement Screen
(Sit and reach + Basic mobility)
• Body Measurement using BioRacer Tool
• Dynamic Fit Unit Sizing
• Cleat placement
• Saddle Fit
• Pedaling technique coaching
• Bike fit numbers and consultation on your bike
• +30min Follow up fit
• Includes any parts swaps
• Final Controls adjustments

*Additional Bike Fit $169.00

Once you have completed a DFU Bike Fit with us, you can fit your other bikes at a reduced fee.

$449/+ GST | Time: 3:00 hrs
Full TCR Bike fit plus a Chiropractic Ergonomic Assessment at National Spine & Wellness next door to TCR.
Dr. Gord McMorland and Dr. Josip Batinic will perform a 45 min assessment prior to the bike fitting.
This complete Bike Fit and Chiropractic service is Insurance Billable by most Health Benefit plans.
Contact us for more info.

What do I bring for the Bike Fitting?

  • For TCR Bike Purchases or Bike Sizing, bring your cycling gear (shorts, cycling shoes, shirt).  Pedals not required as we supply them.
  • For Full Bike Fittings, bring your cycling gear and your current bike.

The DFU Method of bike fitting enables us to determine:

  • your proper frame size and model
  • stem length
  • saddle height and angle
  • stack and reach
  • bar width and drop depth
  • crank length
  • and much more…

This process, combined with the extensive physical measurements we will take of you, ensure the proper bike fit whether you are buying your first bike or are a high-end racer.

Upon completion of the initial DFU fitting, we can show you our brands that might fit your needs, or you can also visit your favorite bike shop with the measurements that we provide for you.

Whether you buy a bike from us or not, we want you to be confident knowing that the bike you purchase is the best fit for you based off science, biomechanics and your body.  From TCR, you will be able to order your new bike with all the custom parts needed for a perfect fit at a price that suits your budget.