Your breakfast and fat burning

It’s December and the goal is to maintain your weight!  We are constantly researching and testing how food affects your fat burning.  Hands down, Fat Burning is what we all want, especially during the holidays.  From our research, it’s all about the breakfast.  Does you breakfast help or hinder your fat burning?  The above case study is a recent metabolic rate that we call the “Breakfast Assessment.”

We test your metabolism before breakfast and then 30 min after to see how your food affects you.  This is typically what we see with the effects of fruit and flavoured yogurt on your metabolism but we are all different.  If you noticed, there is a 188 calorie boost from the food and americano coffee.  Coffee acts an metabolic boost for some people which is good to know if it has the same effect on you.  What do you eat?  Come on in and let’s check out your breakfast!