What do my numbers mean?

What do my bike power numbers mean?
Now that we are done over a month of training and some secret testing in classes, you are probably wondering what the heck that was all for?!   We were able to pull out data from your workouts to create your power profile.
Looking at the data, you can tease out some great information as to your relative strengths and weaknesses and therefore identify the area to work on to get maximum improvements from your training.

Areas we tested:

8min = FTP (anaerobic threshold)· 5min = VO2 max power· 1 min = anaerobic capacity· 6 sec = neuromuscular power

How to make sense of the numbers

For each time interval, divide your average power (which you can get from the CT reports that get mailed out) by your weight (in Kg) to get your w/kg at that level· Compare how you stack up from the table below· Typically, you will be further up the chart in some areas than others – the one you are lowest on is where you should focus your next training block!·

If you are unsure how best to proceed come and talk to us! We are happy to customize a coaching plan for you J· If you weren’t able to complete all the tests in class, again we can help – contact us to book a VO2-R in the lab to get the data points you need.

Staff Analysis

Brianna· Her background of sprinting in volleyball has given her great neuromuscular and anaerobic capacity but needs to work on aerobic via VO2 max to pull her threshold up.

Petrina· Her sprint background shows through! During her off-time she has retained her aerobic base, due to the years of training she has, but to improve some work on the anaerobic capacity will help.

John· Had challenges in the neuromuscular due to doing this in flat shoes J He gets stronger as the time period gets longer so short intervals will be his best bet to improve an already good threshold.

Selina· Good neuromuscular power shows muscle coordination and firing is not a huge limiter. However, the small gap between threshold and anything above it means some work on the short, anaerobic capacity is what is needed to give the threshold some room to grow.