VO2 Testing


This is the gold standard in cardio-respiratory testing.  Each client will receive a wealth of information about their training status and potential.  Over the last 10 years, this is our most popular exercise test for determining your baseline fitness, training zones for cycling, running and overall health.

People can do the test on our Woodway Treadmill or our fully adjustable Velotron Test Bike.

This type of testing incrementally measures your oxygen consumption, carbohydrate and fat burning efficiencies as well as ventilation, heart rate, speed and power.

Based on the data obtained, our clients will receive individualized heart rate zones, thresholds, pacing guides for running, power zones for cycling as well and recommendations for program design.

Price: $219 + GST (allow 90 min for appointment)

Get Objective Measurements

Generally speaking, most endurance athletes love data. The more data they have, the better. And as coaches, it makes our job easier. The treadmill at the gym uses an equation to measure your fitness. So does a heart rate monitor. But those are just estimations.

VO2Max testing is the most scientific way to measure your fitness right now, and when used for future scheduled testing it is the most effective way for monitoring the progress and change in your fitness.

There’s no replacement for a metabolic cart in determining calories burned from carbs and fat. This is important for optimizing endurance performance and even weight loss.

Create an Efficient Workout Plan

Information is power, so use it effectively. Use your custom training zones from the testing data (ie lactate, heart rate, volume of oxygen) to train efficiently, without getting injured or overtrained.

Using your custom zones, you’ll know exactly how hard to work and to separate your training days effectively. Does that mean work only in zone 4? Not at all. It’s all about training in the right zones at the right time in order to appropriately recover.

Using those custom zones for optimal recovery means that you can build fitness…faster.

Create a Nutrition Plan

By getting a Vo2 test you will know how many calories, carbohydrates and fat you burn at each stage. With this, you’ll get personal recommendations for how much you can consume at every intensity to optimize performance, avoid GI distress, and prevent cramping. You’ll also see how efficiently you burn fat, which is important  fuel source for endurance athletes and for someone who might want to lose body fat.

All this information translates into creating an optimal fuelling plan based on your goals. A well oiled machine operates smoothly just like a well nourished body runs well. A good nutritionist or coach can help you translate that into what should be on your plate for the best quality energy.

If you have any questions about VO2 Max Testing please contact us at 403-270-9453 or email us at info@tcrsportlab.com