Ultimate Day In The Lab


The Ultimate Day In the Lab includes:

  • Resting Metabolic Rate.  RMR is the easiest fitness test you will ever do! The measurement requires you to sit and breathe into the metabolic cart for 30 minutes. This type of testing determines your baseline or minimum caloric requirement for everyday living (kcals/day).  You need to know this number in order to set-up a proper nutrition plan.  We will start the Day in the Lab with this baseline test. 
  • Body Composition.  Our body composition testing calculates your percentage of body fat and lean body weight to fat mass ratios. These tests can be done on a monthly basis to monitor your exercise and diet strategies, providing a snapshot of how your current plan is affecting your body composition.
  • VO2 Metabolic Test.  This type of testing incrementally measures your oxygen consumption, carbohydrate and fat burning efficiencies as well as ventilation, heart rate, speed and power. Based on the data obtained, our clients will receive individualized heart rate zones, thresholds, pacing guides for running, power zones for cycling as well and recommendations for program design.
  • Bike Fit on DFU (Dynamic Fitting Unit).  We measure your flexibility and body measurements (eg torso length, leg length, shoulder width) and from these set you up on the DFU in the ‘perfect’ position.  We then tweak the position – everything from stem reach to saddle height to bar width (and everything in between!), all on the fly and all while monitoring your power output and spin scan so we can combine objective feedback on comfort level, with the hard data on pedal stroke efficiency and power output.  Once we achieve the optimal fit position, we then take this information to improve your current bike set-up or help you decide on your next dream machine.  

    How to Prepare:
    -Allow 4.5-5.0 hours to complete the Day in the Lab.  Starting at 9:00 or 10:00am.
    -No food 12 hrs prior to. The RMR test is done first in a fasted state before 10:00am
    -Bring a small breakfast or snack post RMR test
    -Bring your own bike (if you have one)
    -Bring your cycling gear and running gear if you wish to do a run VO2 test instead of a bike VO2.  

    Your Investment:
    If you were to book these items individually you would pay $802+GST but booked together the Ultimate Day In The Lab package is only $599+GST ($150 required to book)