TX3 Triathlon Program Fall 2020

TX3 Triathlon  Training Program

New! TX3 Fall 2020 Update #2

We have the Glenmore Pool!

With the constantly evolving situation around COVID, we here at TCR have determined that it isn’t possible to run indoor bike classes at this time. Client safety is always our #1 priority and we therefore feel it is prudent to wait and re-assess in December, with an eye to re-starting on a limited class size basis in January.

What we will offer instead:

Zoom Classes
From October 6- December 17, will be online zoom classes. We have been successfully hosting these 3 times per week for the last 5 months now, so you can expect the same high standard of workout planning, season progression and coach attention that we always offer in our Fall/Winter program.
In addition, there will be lots of folks on so be prepared for some good natured banter 🙂
  • Tuesday 6am/6pm
  • Wednesday noon
  • Thursday 6am
  • A smart trainer OR regular trainer + power meter is ideal so you can accurately monitor your effort levels (come talk to us if you need either a trainer and/or a power meter!) but the workouts can be done on any type of trainer using HR or perceived effort to monitor workload.
  • They can also be done on a treadmill or rower (and have been!)
  • Smartphone/laptop/Mac to connect to zoom
Zoom Registration is through our Mindbody app and you will be emailed the zoom link upon registering – all you need to do is click on this link 10 mins prior to class start time to enter the zoom meeting!

Saturday Group Run
The in person Saturday run can still go ahead at 8am starting at TCR.  Let’s get our run up to speed this fall!

Swims at the Glenmore Aquatic Centre
We have the entire pool Tuesday and Thursday 6:15-7:15AM.  Coached by Mary Jessey of Lynx Triathlon.  TX3 members must specify the day(s) they want to swim.

Questions? selina@tcrsportlab.com

 Fall 2020 TX3 packages 


  • Unlimited Zoom Rides
  • 1 Sat Run per week at TCR, 8:00AM
  • No Swim



  • Unlimited Zoom Rides
  • 1 Sat Run per week at TCR, 8:00AM
  • 1 Swim at Glenmore Pool 6:15AM Tues or Thurs
    (must specify day)



  • Unlimited Zoom Rides
  • 1 Sat Run per week at TCR, 8:00AM
  • 2 Swims at Glenmore Pool 6:15AM Tues & Thurs


TX3 Coaching Staff:

  • Head Coach: Selina Campbell
  • Swim Coaches: Mary Jessey
  • Cycling Coach: Selina Campbell
  • Strength Coach: Brianna Horton
  • Exercise Physiologist & Bike Fitting: Cory Fagan

Our goal is to provide with you a well-rounded program that suits all your triathlon needs.  Welcome to our triathlon family!

TX3 Triathlon Training Philosophy

Combining all the training and physiology services under one program allows for optimization of performance and cost-effective. More importantly, training in a supportive environment with teammates on a weekly basis is invaluable and fun!

TCR has invested heavily in the latest education and access to research and development to pioneer new and unique technologies and training strategies. As such, we advocate and follow the POL approach (polarized training plan). Research shows that maximal gains (and minimal injury) occur when an individual spends approximately 75-80% of their time training in Z1-2 and 20-25% of the time is dedicated to high-intensity intervals. Given this plan, participants should be prepared to do some Z1-2 work on their own to achieve the necessary training time in this zone. We encourage people to have fun with this as your training doesn’t have to be all swim/bike/run. Skiing (downhill or cross country), snowshoeing, mountain biking, hiking are all activities that count!

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of our new altitude chamber and all the advantages that altitude training conveys to an endurance athlete.

Space is limited to just 24 spots so call 403 270 9453 or email selina@tcrsportlab.com to register and secure your place before they are all gone!