Selina Campbell

Selina Campbell



Selina flew over the pond and set up shop in Calgary.  Originally from England, she has a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University.  Selina is a single mom of 3, the most important people in her life.  She constantly strives to be a positive role model in her kids lives.

Along with raising her three awesome kids Selina competes in Ironman (8 completed, podium finish at IM Taho) Half Ironman (20+completed, 6x world championship qualifier, 2013 Calgary 70.3 AG winner) and is a 3x Boston Marathon qualifier.

Selina constantly strives to help her clients achieve their best, and has gained the notorious nickname of “Dragon Lady”.  If you’ve experienced her indoor cycling session than you can appreciate where that nickname comes from, but deep down we all know she’s a butterfly.

If you haven’t yet, it’s about time you venture down to TCR and chat with Dragon Lady.