Cory Fagan



Cory’s passion for sport and applied sport science led him to create TCR Sport Lab in 2006, along with Jill Sagan, Janet Lattimer-Skeith and Rick Skeith.  A two-time graduate from the University of Calgary, Cory has been working and pioneering in the fitness and health industry since the 90’s where he began his career as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach for the SAIT Trojans.  Along the way, he has worked with all types of athletes that include professional hockey players, rugby, football, track and even strongman competitors!  However, the last 10 years has been dedicated to endurance athletes and individuals looking to improve their their lifestyle.  Along the way, TCR has become a leader in metabolic testing, robotic bike fitting, on-line coaching, triathlon training and indoor power cycling.

In 2016, TCR continued to push the envelope by developing the first dedicated Altitude Lab in Canada which has been a project “10 years in the making.”  In addition, Cory has brought back a Strength Lab from his previous career to meet the needs of TCR clients.  When you step through TCR, you will see Cory popping from area to area making sure all systems are go!