Time to take a break!

Selina Campbell, PhD

It’s that time of year when the focus race/event is done for most people so now is ideal to do a little reset.

I have my athletes take 3-4 weeks of totally unstructured training – even (*gasp*) leave their heart rate monitor and/or powermeter at home and go purely by feel – rediscover the joy of moving for its own sake rather than being a slave to the numbers.

We don’t take a complete break from activity as the fitness lost takes too long to regain, but rather I prescribe they just get out and do something every day, by feel.

This cut-back is critical both for a physical and mental refresh – without it you run the risk of over-training, burnout and injury, not to mention over time you will see performance decline rather than improve.

So now is the time to get out and take a hike somewhere new, or discover a new road or trail on your bike just for the fun of it.

As an example, last weekend I entered the Canmore Road tri on a whim. Thanksgiving weekend I will be doing the 50k Grizzly Ultra and in November have the Banff Winterstart 8k night race where I regularly have my butt handed to me by folks dressed as bananas and Xmas trees because…. Well why not?!

All these events appeal because they are outside my normal routine, are totally low key and are located in my Happy Place… the mountains 😊

So do yourself a favour, take a break and  hunt out something you wouldn’t normally do.

After all…. Computrainer season will be on us before we know it… 😊