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Tire Pressure’s and Tire/tube systems

By John Churchill Facts and tips: We have some off-season homework for you to do besides all the training and riding!  Let’s maximize your ride speed and comfort but determining what tire and pressure is best for you.  Technology and new materials have altered the way we think about tires and how to get the […]

To Ride a FACTOR

The perks of being a partner in a bike shop and training centre.  My Experience with the FACTOR O2 Road Bike. I still like to “walk the talk” when it comes to the products we sell and endorse.  I encourage our staff to know more than the “info card” and inform clients of how a […]

Mind Over Muscule

M I N D  over  M U S C L E  pt. 1  (of a 3 part series) Janelle Summer Kendell, B.Kin Mental training is for everyone.  An average recreational athlete trains their body for 8-10 hours per week,  but most of them don’t dedicate a single hour to training their mind. The best athletes in any […]