Staying Motivated for the Year

Use a System to Build a Lifestyle

The purpose of goal setting is to win the game, finish the race or take a line out of the bucket list.  Goals are powerful motivators to get moving and dedicated.  However, there is one catch.  What happens after the goal is achieved?  What happens if the event is cancelled or you get injured?  What we try and promote at TCR is going beyond the goal.  We want you to build a System.  Build a lifestyle that continues without a goal.  The purpose of building systems is to continuing playing the game.  

…TCR is in it’s 13th year of business.  We’re happy to say we have a lot of clients who have been here for 13 years.  What’s their secret?  For some, it’s not a secret.  They have a system of training.  A lifestyle of activity that is manageable.  Do they have goals?  Yes.  However, many do not necessarily need big goals to stay motivated and healthy as it can be counter-productive.  If someone asks them to do an event, the person with a strong system of habitual movement can say “sure, give me a few weeks and I’ll be ready.”   What does a System of Consistency look like?  Here’s an example:

  My Goals My System

My Excuses & My Solutions

Monday Early Morning Run Go to bed before 10:00 Weight loss is slow.  Get Metabolism checked
Tuesday Weights with Friend Text friend that “I will meet you there” Don’t know what exercises to do.  Get a Strength Plan
Wednesday Early Morning Run Max 1 beer with friend the night before Do I eat breakfast before?  Test my breakfast to see it’s effects
Thursday Yoga before Bed Stickynote on Fridge, Stretch or get injured again! I’m not flexible.  Get a simple routine
Friday Family Dinner at 6pm No emails after 1pm. Leave work on time Leave work at work
Saturday Early Ride, Run, Brick, Ski Get gear out before bed I always get dropped.  Consult a Coach
Sunday Swim or Hike Text Friend(s), I will meet you there and let’s do this It’s too cold out.  Get the gear.

Have a closer look at the “My Excuses and Solutions.”  We all have good intentions, but they often get derailed because we have too many excuses and no solutions.

  • What should I eat for breakfast?
  • How do I lose some weight?  What is my metabolism?
  • What strength program is best for me?
  • What pace do I run or ride that is best for me?

Make your own weekly schedule and list your Systems and Excuses.   If you can get answers to the issues that keep you from getting started, you then can keep moving regularly and achieve goals with ease.  If you any of the above questions apply to you, we can help you resolve them and get that system of training on track!

For more reading on this topic, please visit one our favourite authors James Clear