Size your Ride

Size your Ride! Bike Fit starts with your Torso

We are getting outside and want to ride!  Bikes are super popular and people are thinking about their next new ride.  So, before you spend some cash, don’t you think you should figure out what bike is best for you?  You friend or spouse may have an opinion but have they measured you inseam and torso?
There are many models that are good for some people but not others. Prior to getting on our sizing machine, we do some body measurements to determine what bike category may suit you best.  We are all different and should be treated like stars!  
Try this at home and see what numbers you come up with.  This can then help us and you determine if you need a “Endurance Style” bike or “Performance Style bike.”  Sizing has more to do with your body and less about the bike category.

Selina: 66% Inseam to Torso Ratio – the runner/triathlete build > Endurance Bike 

John: 68% Inseam to Torso Ratio – the cyclist/runner build > Endurance or Performance Bike

Tim: our new mechanic & tech:75% Torso to Inseam – the cyclist / swimmer build > Performance Bike

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