Refill your Cup

Your race is over, now what?  

It was great to see everyone focused on an event or race this summer.  We had a good time in the store watching participants come in with “race-brain” prior to their race.

“My race is this week, and my bike won’t shift!”

“I think I need a better hydration system”

“A friend gave me his race wheels and what is this tubular thing?”

So, the momentum has really started but what should you do next year?  You don’t necessarily need to sign up for a new event/race right away, but it helps!  There is nothing quite like a race entry to keep you motivated.  If you want to improve your 2022 performance, the best thing to do is have a productive fall.  What does this mean?  This is the time to do the things that you did not have time for this year.  For example, a proper strength training plan.  Let’s get that weaker leg stronger or that tight sacro-iliac joint back on-line.  Perhaps you want to hold a better aero position, but your hamstrings are just too tight.  For runners, how do you develop that perfect stride for the entire race, not just the first 10km?

You have worked hard to achieve your goals this summer.  You have emptied the tank and need a little time off to regenerate.  You know you want to be ready next year so you can experience that same personal satisfaction.  While you reflect on 2022, do the easy thing and sign up for an event in 2023!  By the time October rolls around, we hope you are starting to rebuild your body…slowly. Structured classes and Periodized Coaching tends to work better than panic training next year.  Your cup is empty but it’s soon time to start refilling it.   See you this fall!

We try to lead by example! Below, John and Selina completed their races and emptied their cups! For 2023, they have already committed to races keeping them on track this fall. John is planning on returning to the Gravel Royale and Selina has registered for Ironman UK. Both have October plans of getting back into the weight room to re-balance their bodies and re-gain strength. Stay-tuned for our October event: “Off-season Strength Training.”

TCR’s John Churchill winning his age category in the TransRockies Gravel Royale
TCR’s Selina Campbell running to her best marathon at Ironman Canada. Ironman #13!