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    Body Composition Test Gift Card


    Our staff are Certified Exercise Physiologists (CEP) which enable us to give you repeatable and accurate measurements.

    We will measure you just as we measure our athletes, or we can cater to any special requests for measurements you may have.  We will reveal just what you’re made of.  Is it fat?  Is it lean mass?  We’ll let you know, and give you recommendations on  what you can and should do to improve your body composition.

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    Metabolic Test Gift Card


    Resting metabolic testing is an excellent test for individuals interested in weight loss and overall health. Everyone person has a unique metabolism that should be addressed on an individual basis.

    • You will receive your metabolic rate.  Is it high, low or average?   i.e. 1200 calories / day.  This then affects your nutrition intake.
    • Substrate at rest.  Do you burn fat well?  Ideally, your metabolism should be 80% FAT and 20% CARBS.  This is often not the case due to diet and exercise.  From the RMR, we then recommend a look at your food intake.  This helps put the pieces together and fill the gaps.
    • Please bring in a 3 day food log prior to the RMR test.  I.e. Tues, Thurs and Sat.  Record everything you put digest; food and fluids.  You can record this on a spreadsheet.  The test is performed in the morning in a fasted state which means no food 12 hrs prior to.  Water is OK.
    • RMR testing days are Tues, Wed and Friday.  8:00, 9:00 or 10:00 AM.

    RMR is also the easiest fitness test you will ever do! The measurement requires you to sit and breathe into the metabolic cart for 30 minutes. This type of testing determines your minimum caloric requirement for everyday living (kcals/day).

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    TCR Bike Fit


    The TCR Sport Lab bike gift card is the perfect gift for Cyclists or Triathletes looking for an improved position and more comfortable ride.

    The TCR vision for our bike fitting service is to relegate clients’ aches and pains and improve their performance by fitting the bike to the individual and taking the whole picture into account. This means looking at each customer’s goals, needs and preferences rather than forcing the client to stick with the settings that ‘should’ work for them due to strict numbers and sizing. Our approach is solution-driven rather than sales-driven, and only recommends products or brands that fit perfectly for each individual client.

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    Ultimate day in the lab Gift Card


    Truly the greatest testing any cyclist can do to achieve the most out of there training.  The Ultimate Day In the Lab will will make sure your bike is fitted properly, help you understand how your body is currently burning fat or sugars, set a baseline so you will see real growth and structure your riding to “ride smarter” helping you maximize results based on your individualized needs.

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    V02 Test Gift Card


    The gold standard in cardio-respiratory testing. The perfect test for determining your baseline fitness, training zones for cycling, running and overall health.

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