At TCR we are always looking for new ways to help you!

Private cycling coaching is working with an experienced coach in a private and focused setting one on one or in a small groups.

Over a decade of coaching cyclists in a group setting with the Masters and having an excellent track record when it comes to safety, we recognize the need for continued skill development for cyclists to ensure safety, efficient group riding and fun!

We are pleased to welcome the latest edition to the TCR Family, Rob Micklethwaite, your personal cycling coach! Rob has been involved at TCR in classes, camps, masters and for 3 years as a member of the race team. With 30 plus year of cycling his coaching style is enthusiastic and easy going built on years of cycling and racing experience.


Rob has always remembered how important the friendly encouragement he received helped him overcome his initial challenges and obstacles of group cycling.  He has always made it his mission to share his cycling knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help others enjoy cycling too.  Whether you are looking to learn new skills or an experienced racer looking for race prep, tactics and strategy Rob can help you. You can find him on every Masters ride or book him for a private session!

Telephone Call

Contact us at 4032709453 to discuss if TCR is the place for you, and set up your free consultation.


Each client looking for private coaching on the road will have a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss goals and objectives of the training. Everyone is different and we want to make sure you get the best training for yourself.

See which package is best for you.


1-1 Private Coaching
$140/1 Hour Session
3 Sessions - $132/session
5 Sessions - $127/session
10 Sessions - $121/session
1-1 Private Coaching
$240/2 Hour Session
3 Sessions - $226/session
5 Sessions - $218/session
10 Sessions - $208/session
Group Training (Max 4)
$50/1 Hour Session
1 Add-on - $45/person
2 Add-ons - $39/session
3 Add-ons - $35/session
Half and Full Day Sessions
/1 Session
Please enquire about half and full day rates!