2020 TCR Masters Cycling Club

A club for all, new and experienced riders

We have revamped the program this season due to COVID-19.  As mandated by the Alberta Bicycle Association, all official club rides must be post-poned until June 15.   We will therefore start our 2020 season June 16 through August 30.

  • Tuesdays:  Coffee rides out of TCR. 10:00AM – 12:00PM (new)
    • Inner city rides departing from TCR
  • Wednesdays: Groups Rides (2 groups).  6:30-8:30PM
    • Skill focused rides.  Destinations change weekly
  • Sundays Biweekly: 10:00AM.  Destination Rides. 60-100km
    • Put our skills into practice in a group ride setting (no-drop!)
    • Two groups (slow and faster)
  • A route (.gpx file) will be provided for each ride via Team Snap

Meet and Greet: June 9th, 6:00pm at TCR.  We’ll review the 2020 season and distribute the Masters kits.

TCR’s 2020 program is designed to hone specific cycling skills and be SAFE.
*Riders must complete one of the initial grass skill sessions prior to joining the club rides

Team Snap communication tool will be used again for all the ride details and directions

2020 Masters kit

2020 Masters kit shorts


Masters Membership: $250 + GST each

TCR 2020 Team Kit included with registration in Masters

**All Riders responsible for purchasing their own
Alberta Bicycle Association membership
ABA Register here
General Membership ($41 + GST)