Kullamannen motivation

You may have noticed over the last few years that Ultra Running is on the rise!    Thousands of regular folks are going beyond the “marathon” and entering events that we normally consider a long drive!  It’s a testament to the endurance ability of our bodies and strength of our minds!  

As we get ready for winter and wonder what next year will be like, we need some motivation.  One of our long time clients, Heather Friesen, sets the example of planning ahead and seeking out some challenges. Heather is a local Calgary engineer, mother, wife, volunteer and all around busy person.  She does not have much time to workout.  So, how does she get in the training?  We set-out a plan 6 months in advance and then work backwards.  Short daily workouts to keep the stress at bay.  Strength, stretching, cross-training, cycling and walking the dog are all a part of the plan.  

Being a lead manager in the Oil and Gas sector is super busy and stressful but exercise keeps her focused and balanced.  You don’t have to train hours everyday to achieve great things.  Heather started running trail events less than 5 years ago and recently jumped into Ultras.  Every year, she knocks off a few events and they have now become easier for her.  “I want to see what I can really do….I thought I was too old to do this stuff, but I am getting faster!”  

Next week she off to Kulamannen, Sweden for her first 100km trail run!  This event is a qualifier for the UTMB world mountain running championships in 2023.  It’s quite amazing what you can do with a methodical plan and consistency.  

Go Heather go!

Heather completing the 3-day Golden Ultra