Italy Cycling 2019

Our second annual cycling camp to Riccione, Italy concluded on June 9th.  We were blessed with wonderful weather and fabulous food.  The lunches and dinners were sooo good!  Maybe too good as our weights did not change after 600km!  New to this year was a two day trip into Tuscany.  We road over the Tuscan range and down into Agri-Turismo region.  

For those who have not been to this region for cycling, Riccione / Tuscany is a great place for spring preparation.  Rolling hills, short climbs and warm weather all at an affordable rate.   The city of Riccione has several “Bike Hotels” that cater to cyclists.  These hotels provide bike storage, locker rooms, lunches and professional guides.  They are happy to have cyclists in their presence as cycling is a big part of their heritage.  We have used the Perla Hotel which is a boutique 3-star lodging along the Adriatic Sea.  It is also only 50m away from a large outdoor shopping centre with cafes, gelato shops, fashion and grocery stores.  It’s an easy transition to relaxation.  Other than the great riding, the most popular feature of the camp is the food!  Homemade Italian dishes 3X per day.  That’s hard to beat!  For those who like to swim, we have booked out the amazing Riccione Swim Facility that is less than 1km from the Perla hotel.  It consists of 2 x 50m pools and 3 x 25m pools.  You do not have to be a triathlete to do these sessions!  Cool water on the body after a long day in the sun is quite refreshing.

As noted above, what separates this camp from other Riccione tours is our Tuscany trip and the Coach to Rider ratio.   We use the 1:5 rule for the week; one guide per 5 riders.  This keeps the rides more intimate and safe.  The venture to Tuscany is a must since it is relatively close and the riding is beautiful with low traffic.  The Perla hotel is very supportive of our custom requests for features such as cooking classes, pool bookings and small group rides.  We intend to head back to Riccione and Tuscany the first week of June in 2020 and hope you can come along!