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Jan 11 – Mar3

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Wednesday 7:00-8:00AM

Friday 7:30-8:30AM

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Zoom Classes

Why do Online Zoom Classes with TCR?

Let TCR take away the strain for you as the best cycling training program in the city goes online!

Our Zoom classes will mirror the workouts we are doing for the in-person classes so you can join online if you miss an in-person or follow along with the same program progression from the comfort of your own home.

We have researched and put together a well thought out workout schedule that will progress your fitness in a logical progression designed to increase your cycling efficiency and power. The online format (zoom) allows our coach Selina Campbell to see your bike form and give pointers to increase the efficiency of your pedal stroke. When you hit the open road again next spring you will emerge from your basement way stronger and faster than your friends!

Each workout is guided and can be done with power, heart rate or perceived effort level as your guide. See below for equipment recommendations, but all levels and abilities are welcome and able to participate at your own current fitness level.

We have an ‘open mike’ at the start and end of each class to allow everyone to interact and catch up with old friends, as well as make some new ones 🙂

Participants from as far away as Vancouver, England, Ireland – and even Manitoba join us for these functional and fun classes!



Mark your calendar!

  • Nov 2 – Dec 14

  • Jan 11 – Mar 3

Zoom classes are eligible for the duration of the block.  Once the 8 week block is over, the sessions are considered completed.

About our Head Coach

Selina Campbell, PhD

Senior Coach and Programs Manager


Selina is our programs manager, tri team coach, and personal coach, and has been with TCR since 2013. She brings with her a wealth of experience. She is an import from England and survived 3 years of commuting around London before moving to Calgary!

Selina’s scientific background (she is a PhD chemist) gives her a thirst for knowledge and research, meaning she is always current with the very latest in physiology and exercise performance to deliver the very best to her clients.

Pairing the theoretical side with extensive personal racing experience, Selina was the 2013 ATA female triathlete of the year after becoming provincial sprint AG champion that year and has a long course race resume! 20+ 70.3IM races (including 6 World championships), 11 full Ironmans with an AG win at 2019 IMC to get her to Kona later that year. Selina also competes in gravel bike races and has also done XTERRA triathlon and 24 hrs of Adrenalin MB race. Her idea of a fun vacation is a multi-day bike-packing trip! On the run front she is a 3x Boston qualifier.

On top of all Selina’s accomplishments she is a busy Mom of 3 teenagers, so she fully understands the needs of a family and how it is vital that any training plan has to be totally customized to each client’s unique home and work situation. It is this rounded understanding that has enabled her to coach all levels and ages of athletes from beginner, to 70yr+ new cyclists to 70.3 World championship qualifiers.

Whatever your personal active lifestyle of race goals, Selina can help you achieve them!


Kind Words From Our Customers:

There I was…safely at home on my bike and trainer about to be transported by a single click on my laptop to a professionally coached TCR virtual spin class.

Once the class began it felt like I was no longer at home, but in a spin studio with other riders and a professional coach, guiding me through the entire work out.

The glue that really pulls the entire program together is the coaching; headed up by Selina Campbell, TCR’s senior coach and programs manager. Selina is a highly respected cycling coach and brings a treasure of information for cyclists of all levels.

A spin studio atmosphere and professional coaching without the need to leave home…What better way to combat COVID winter blues!

– ST

Your very intentional and genuine expression of gratitude this past Tuesday on the virtual ride meant so much to me.

It has indeed been very stressful as a family physician. The workload has been huge. My patients are worried sick and some are getting sick. Trying to safely assess patients virtually has been anxiety-provoking. Emotionally drained.

Your encouragement and support go an incredibly long way to help us stay focused on the task and to highlight our pledge to care for patients, whatever the situation. It is indeed a team effort, a whole community effort. Your uplifting virtual classes have been an oasis of stress-relief for me. Your offer of “Is there anything more I can do?” is a gift of caring that keeps me going.

Thank you and many virtual hugs back!

– SB

I just wanted to once again mention how much I appreciate your ZOOM spin classes. A hard workout and the inspiring, fun, and encouraging dragon lady make a great start to my day 🙂

– SK

So incredibly grateful to have you as a friend and coach. You have no idea how much you’ve helped make me a better Mom, wife, family member, boss and friend. A little training time/ aka me time has added balance and a big happiness hit to my day. I’m so thankful.

– CM