Indoor Cycling Classes Fall 2020 Prep

Indoor Cycling information

With the constantly evolving situation around COVID, we here at TCR have determined that it isn’t possible to run indoor bike classes at this time. Client safety is always our #1 priority and we therefore feel it is prudent to wait and re-asses in December, with an eye to re-starting on a limited class size  basis in January.

What you need to Zoom!

Equipment Options:

  • BEST: SMART Trainers.  These trainers have everything built in (Power, Speed, Cadence, Distance) and are wireless via Bluetooth / Ant+.  Easy to use for on-line training programs like Zwift and Zoom.
    I.e. Wahoo Kickr, Elite Suito,  Tacx Neo2T

  • GOOD: Regular Trainer and a Power Meter.  The power meter will give an exact gauge of effort which is helpful.  I.e. 4iiii or Garmin Vectors.  You will have to control the resistance unlike the SMART trainers which do it for you.

  • OK: Regular Trainer with Heart Rate (HR).  HR monitors are good tools for monitoring your effort.  However, they are slower to respond to short intervals.
    I.e. Wahoo Tickr, Garmin HR

  • Treadmill or Rower.  You can also run or row for the workouts in Zoom!  Use speed or stroke rate with a HR to monitor your effort
    I.e. 4iiii, Garmin Vectors

Check out TCR’s on-line store for these equipment options

Oct 6 – Dec 17, 2020

What we will offer instead
From October 6- December 17, will be online zoom classes. We have been successfully hosting these 3 times per week for the last 5 months now, so you can expect the same high standard of workout planning, season progression and coach attention that we always offer in our Fall/Winter program.
In addition, there will be lots of folks on so be prepared for some good natured banter 🙂

Zoom Schedule

Tues 6AM & 6PM | Wed 6AM & NOON | Thurs 6AM & 6PM

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What else should I do?  Training Plans!

Looking to build more bike fitness than just once or twice per week classes but unsure what you should be doing?
Then compliment the unlimited zoom class with 12 weeks of block coaching to take you through to the end of the year. You will receive a questionnaire to give us details on your lifestyle, commitments and goals and from that we will build a customized plan, unique to you and delivered through Training Peaks.