This one’s for the girls! Whether you are an avid cyclist or just
getting into the sport, this 90 min class will focus on developing
technique and fitness in a fun and energetic environment! The program
will follow the same progression and build as our other CT classes. All
ages, all abilities, any fitness level (tell your friends)! Let’s create
a vibrant community of women who ride together, bond through tough
workouts, and maybe enjoy a glass of rosé after class….. it’s Friday
at noon, after all.

What you will need: a bike w/ indoor trainer tire and skewer (we have
these at TCR, don’t panic!).

Hot Flash Cycling - Ladies Only

$805 + GST

November-April (23 weeks)

Friday 12-1:30pm

More info on Hot Flash Cycling

Why Altitude Train?

Our stimulus is to use short episodes of altitude exposure to produce a positive change in your body.  You will experience an improvement in your metabolism, fitness and body composition in a relatively short period of time.