Imagine riding in Maui on a hot day with the ocean blowing a mist on you…hmm that’s nice!  Come with us to cleanse the spirit and lose a few pounds!  You will walk, ride or run in our Altitude Chamber at 10,000ft, the temperature will be jacked to 25 degrees Celsius with 75% humidity.  These are the ideal conditions for KICK-STARTING your weight loss plan.    

There are a few other interesting adaptations that occur during HEAT CAMP such as a Blood Volume Boost.   Blood Volume??  Yes, it’s nice to lose some water weight as it makes you feel good.  However, this dehydration and then rehydration strategy has been used in endurance sport for years.   The body continually adapts to new stimuli and wants to improve when under stress.  The dehydration sends a signal to absorb more water than usual as a compensatory mechanism.  This “super-compensation” causes the blood volume to change.  The amount of water (plasma) temporarily increases for a few days allowing the potential for great workout or performance.   For example,  running a half-marathon to going or a long hike.    Most individuals feel that they have great energy for whatever they embark on the next day.   For more information, please email: cory@tcrsportlab.com