Brianna Horton

Brianna is a Kinesiologist graduate from the University of Calgary, as well as a CSEP certified personal trainer, and NASM corrective exercise physiologist. Power athlete by nature as a volleyball player, Brianna is being groomed into an endurance athlete here at TCR. When she’s not working at TCR, she coaches youth volleyball through the Volleydome. […]

Andrea Horne

A native Calgarian, Andrea has been involved in a variety of sporting activities since she was young.  Her interest in sport and science led her to graduate with a BSc (Kinesiology) from Dalhousie University.  Knowing she was not suited to “lab rat” work she entered the world of cardiovascular pharmaceutical sales. Andrea is a CSEP […]

Selina Campbell

Selina flew over the pond and set up shop in Calgary.  Originally from England, she has a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University.  Selina is a single mom of 3, the most important people in her life.  She constantly strives to be a positive role model in her kids lives. Along with raising her three […]

Cory Fagan

Cory’s passion for sport and applied sport science led him to create TCR Sport Lab in 2006, along with Jill Sagan, Janet Lattimer-Skeith and Rick Skeith.  A two-time graduate from the University of Calgary, Cory has been working and pioneering in the fitness and health industry since the 90’s where he began his career as […]