Our fitness level, Your workout, Your bicycle

Computrainers are stationary bicycle trainers that use advanced technologies to present real time visual-feedback on your individual power output, allowing you to work at your level and gain the most from your workout.  All of TCR’s cycling classes utilize Computrainer technology so each individual trains at their own level. Computrainer workouts are the most advanced and fun workouts you can do on your bicycle.

The TCR Difference:

  • 90 minute classes at $30 each (new lower fee)
  • Showers and change-rooms
  • Temperature controlled room at 19 degrees
  • 24 stations and 16 classes to choose from
  • Our coaches are great!
  • TCR is a complete fitness centre with everything from lab testing to personal training
  • Free espressos & americanos
  • TCR lounge area, kitchen and BBQ


The winter session requires a registration for the entire series of 23 classes. The reason for this is that each program is designed with progression in mind. The goal is to deliver you to the start of the outdoor season as a stronger and more accomplished rider and to do this safely and effectively, you need to train consistently. That is why we stay away from the ‘drop-in’ approach over the winter.

  • Start date: October 31, 2017
  • End Date: April 21, 2017

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TCR has added Computrainer year round to supplement your training. If you are looking to maintain your hard earned benefits from winter training, maintain and increase your FTP or simply looking to escape Calgary’s wild and unpredictable weather you can purchase a drop in pass for our intensity classes to schedule at your convenience.

  • Start date: May 15, 2018
  • End Date: August 31, 2018
  • Drop in pass $199 / 10 pass
  • Flexible schedule

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In the event of a missed class, participants are allowed to show up to a class other than one they are registered for ONLY if at least 24hr advance notice of missing their class is given. When making up for a missed class, space is allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, and is never guaranteed. Make ups can only be redeemed within the time-frame of the program block in which the class was missed.  Once the program has finished, classes cannot be redeemed for cash value nor transferred to the following season.


Computrainer (cycling class) deposits are refundable up to 2 weeks, Oct 15th, prior to the start of the program.  After October 15th, your deposit is no longer refundable.  The balance of payment is due upon the commencement of the program.  No refunds (balance of payment or deposits) are provided once the program has started.