Listen to your heart, not the power meter

by Cory Fagan After 25 years of testing athletes in our lab, I have a lot of stories of what makes each one of you unique. We have done just over 3000 VO2’s tests and all of them are very interesting which keeps me sharp and always learning.   There have been some great improvements as […]

Summer Interval Frequency

By Selina Campbell A question we get asked a lot here at TCR is ‘how often should I be doing intervals through the summer?’ And as always, the answer is… it depends! It depends on your age, your experience, if you race, and if so, how close to your race you are. Generally, as we […]

Break your training cycle, learn the benefit of camps

Over the winter, we get into our off-season routine to rebuild our strength and take care of what we neglected last summer.  A time to strengthen those weak hips, fire your glutes and regain your posture.  The weekends usually consist of some cross-training like skiing, cross-country and extra movie time on the -30 degrees days! […]

The Importance of Training in 3 Planes of Motion

By Rob Nowakowski, TCR Coach and Personal Trainer When you move your body in daily activities or even exercise, we move through different dimensions. Unfortunately, as cyclists, runners, swimmers, we can get a large amount of volume in one plane or direction of movement while lacking in the others. 3 Planes of Motion Sagittal – […]

Tire Pressure’s and Tire/tube systems

By John Churchill Facts and tips: We have some off-season homework for you to do besides all the training and riding!  Let’s maximize your ride speed and comfort but determining what tire and pressure is best for you.  Technology and new materials have altered the way we think about tires and how to get the […]

Transform your Body

I am going to take you back to your Junior High Science class. What is a phenotype? “The term “phenotype” refers to the observable physical properties of an organism; these include the organism’s appearance, development, and behavior.” Whew! Think back to Junior High and what sports or activities did you like and participate in? Often, they […]

The Art & Science of a Warm-up

Let’s get in a good warm-up…what is that? Research has been done evaluating what the best way is to warm-up for a race or hard event.   Typically, warm-ups consist of 10-15 min an aerobic effort with a couple short accelerations and then a cooldown.  Wait a few minutes and then you’re off!   The problem with […]

How do you get a ‘good’ workout?

By Selina Campbell, PhD Let’s face it… we all have a lot going on in our lives so when we can get a workout in we want it to count – we want a ‘good’ workout. But what exactly constitutes a ‘good’ workout? One that gets you hot, sweaty and tired muscles, or one that […]

Lactate Testing – LT1

The easy way to fitness! by Selina Campbell Who wants to get fitter this winter? Who wants to get fitter this winter without killing themselves?! Ahhhhh – now I have your attention. We are now into indoor season, it is time to assess how to get through the winter months and come out stronger, fitter, […]

Power vs Skillful Riding

Lessons from Riding in ColombiaThis was our third camp with the Colombia Cycling group this time starting from Bogota.  We have learned a lot about skillful riding from our previous trips which has helped our coaching and bike fitting. You can learn a lot by riding through some of the most beautiful and challenging roads […]

Kullamannen motivation

You may have noticed over the last few years that Ultra Running is on the rise!    Thousands of regular folks are going beyond the “marathon” and entering events that we normally consider a long drive!  It’s a testament to the endurance ability of our bodies and strength of our minds!   As we get ready […]