Baseline Testing

How Baseline Testing Can Determine Your Personal Training Plan

February 8, 2020

You’ve set some training or lifestyle goals and you’re motivated to get started—so now what? How can you be sure your training plan is set up so you can reach your goal in the healthiest and most efficient way?

Answer: Baseline Testing

At TCR, we see all types of people with varying abilities that contribute to their goals.  No matter what how fit or unfit you consider yourself, everybody needs a starting point.  This is where a baseline assessment comes in. Appropriate baseline assessments will show you where your weaknesses are as well as provide a starting point that will get you a realistic benchmark.

Understanding your baseline will allow us to develop a training plan setup for real progression towards your fitness goal, seeing progress step by step is crucial to keeping your motivation high and training plans on course.  Far too often we see clients putting in a solid effort but not seeing results, then abandoning their routine.  By understand your baseline and following a plan specifically built for your goals you will have to ability to see growth in your fitness journey no matter how high your set the bar.

We are proud to say we have helped clients reach Ironman World Championships all the way to simply losing 15 pounds, but they all start with a baseline. Contrary to popular believe, baseline testing isn’t just for elite and competitive athletes, it’s a crucial component of every level of training from elite to recreational and lifestyle fitness alike.

The TCR Approach

Check out the TCR Sport Lab assessment services, we specialize in V02 Testing, Resting Metabolic Testing, Body Composition Tests, and Nutritional Assessments. Give us a call if you have any questions about baseline testing. Contact us.