T-Lab Bikes


If you have haven’t already guessed, we love craft bicycle companies especially if they are Canadian!  T-Lab is our new partner at TCR providing a line-up of revolutionary Titanium frames and complete bikes.  T-Lab is new to the bike world but their history is extensive.  T-Lab was formerly Guru Cycles of whom TCR was partnered with for several years.   Tony Giannascoli, the original founder of Guru, has started up this boutique brand based out of Montreal focusing on beautiful Titanium frames and custom carbon repair.

Tony and his staff have developed a new proprietary method of making Titanium frames that is truly revolutionary.  Frames are now 25% lighter than traditional Titanium frames (1200-1400g) making them competitive with Carbon frames, except with one exception….they are more durable and robust!  T-Lab has two new models of road and cyclo-cross/gravel bikes including options of custom paint and design.

Please visit T-Lab and drop by TCR to see the new revolution in bicycle craftsmanship!