Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Resting metabolic testing is an excellent test for individuals interested in weight loss and overall health. RMR is the specific measurement of your metabolism. Everyone person has a unique metabolism that should be addressed on an individual basis.

RMR is also the easiest fitness test you will ever do! The measurement requires you to sit and breathe into the metabolic cart for 30 minutes. This type of testing determines your baseline or minimum caloric requirement for everyday living (kcals/day).

In addition, we determine how well you burn fat and carbohydrates at rest. These two factors allow for a more precise nutrition and exercise plan to be developed.

Resting Metabolic Rate by itself $159 + GST

Resting Metabolic Rate & Nutrition Consultation (Normally $308+GST). Bundle and save: $289+GST

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Preparation:  RMR tests are conducted in the morning (between 8-11am) on a 12 hour fast.  Water is OK, but no exercise or food prior to.  No need for exercise clothing or footwear.