Pricing and Packages

Our Prices and Packages


$690, 23 weeks

Tues – Fri $30 / class, new lower price


Saturday 2 hrs, $805 + GST



Computrainer 23 weeks
VO2 Assessment
Body Composition




Computrainer 23 weeks
Altitude Lab – 6 sessions



Computrainer 23 weeks
Altitude Lab – 6 sessions
VO2 Assessment & Body Comp

Strength for Cyclists


Strength for Cyclists 23 weeks

1X per week

Limit 6 per class

Altitude Lab - 23 wk


Calgary to Pikes Peak, 3000-14000 ft

Weekly changes in elevation

Wednesday & Friday only

Looking for a Custom Package?  Do an Add-on!

All Add-ons discounted 10% for you to save.

  • Altitude package
  • Okanagan Camp
  • VO2 Max
  • Functional Movement Screen.    Please contact us

3 Free Altitude Sessions!

Two ways to earn time in Canada’s first Altitude Lab

  1. Refer a friend
  2. Register for a second class

Please contact us


– At TCR we use our Physiology Lab to determine your proper training zones for the indoor cycling classes.   This includes six training zones for power and heart rate.  Your functional threshold power (FTP) will also be identified and your aerobic zones, both necessary for the cycling classes.  Allow 90 min.

Body Composition – in our lab, we use skin-fold measurements in conjunction with your weight and age to determine your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass.  Allow 30 min.

NSC Injury Assessment – National Spine Care, 0ur partners next door at TCR!  The team of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists will do an in depth body analysis of your current alignment and muscular structure to determine the level of risk you are at for injury.  A great assessment to get ahead of any potential problems.   This includes the detailed neck and concussion assessment (NCU) exclusive in Calgary to NSC.  We want you to be pro-active in your health and training.  Allow 60 min.

Functional Movement Screen – FMS and Personal Training – PT.   A new service added to TCR this past year.   We do 7 standardized movement tests to determine how to direct your Strength Training plan.  Determine how flexible and balanced are you.  This helps you and the coach determine the best strengthening plan this winter.  Allow 45 min for the FMS.  PT sessions, 60 min, are booked at your convenience after the FMS.

Altitude Sessions – New to TCR and Canada! A dedicated room for Altitude training. Allow 75 min for each session.  Sessions are booked consecutively over 3-4 weeks.

The ALTITUDE LAB  serves many purposes including:

  • acclimatization for high altitude events
  • injury and rehab
  • increasing your FTP
  • weight loss
Computrainer Payment Policy
  • Upon registration 50% deposit required to hold your spot
  • Balance owing due week of Nov 1 (first week of class) will be collected through our automatic payment system
Make-up Classes

In the event of a missed class, participants are allowed to show up to a class other than one they are registered for ONLY if the following steps are followed:

  • MANDATORY 24hr advance notice of class being missed
  • Space is allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, and is never guaranteed.
  • Make ups can only be redeemed within the time-frame of the 23 program block in which the class was missed
  • Once the 23 week program has finished, missed classes do not have a cash value nor can be transferred to the next season
Refund Policy

Computrainer deposits are refundable up to October 15, 2 weeks prior to the start of Computrainer program.  After October 15, your deposit is no longer refundable.  The balance of payment is due upon the commencement of the program.  No refunds (balance of payment or deposits) are provided once the program has started.