Our Bikes

Our Bikes

colnago-logo-300x60Since 2007, TCR is proud to a dealer for one of the finest bike manufacturers in the world. We believe in their product and our customers love their Colnagos!  TCR has also been a top 5 dealer in North America for this legendary brand for several years.  Not only do we love our Colnagos, we know the history of the company and why these bikes are so special to so many people.

Drop by our store and you’ll see the full Colnago line-up from the C60, V1-R, Concept, CLX, Prestige and A1-R.

We fully support Ernesto Colnago’s opinion that the frame is the “soul of the bike.” Determining the proper frame and size is crucial to building a bike that rides comfortably and performs well. With over 60 years of bike building and bike racing experience, Colnago knows how to build frames that provide tremendous power transfer yet allow for the legendary Colnago ride and handling.

With all the history, success and innovation, Colnago has also developed bicycles for the everyday rider and recreational cyclist.  Once thought to be a bicycle only for the elite, Colnago has transferred their knowledge and engineering into several models from road to cyclo-cross to triathlon.

Complete Bike pricing starting at $2099 + GST

Please visit the Colnago website for complete bike and frame pricing.  As always, we can custom build your Colnago to your needs and budget.


argon18-300x97New to TCR in 2015, Argon 18 has joined our line-up of high quality bicycles. Always a fan of boutique, craft and Canadian brands, Argon 18 fits well into the new TCR at Sunalta.  Our relationship with Argon 18 started with a personal visit by the the founder of Argon 18, Gervais Rioux, Gervais was very interested in TCR becoming a dealer due to our expertise in bike fitting and appreciation of well designed bicycles. We feel that is important to know who is behind the brand that you are selling to your clients.

A little history about the owner of Argon 18: From 1981 to 1990, Gervais Rioux represented Canada at major international events including the Commonwealth Games in 1982 and 1986 and the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. Member of the Canadian Team throughout his senior career, Gervais Rioux took part in all the World Road Championships between 1981 and 1990. In all, he has accumulated more than 150 wins in some 1500 races and 18 years.

When the owner of a bicycle company has the experience Gervais has had over his career, you know the bikes will be designed well. The stability and power transfer you feel riding an Argon 18 is felt immediately. Argon 18 is currently sold world-wide and is ridden by the world’s top athletes in Ironman Triathlon as well as by professional teams such as Astana Pro Cycling in the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia.

We are excited about our growing partnership with this Canadian company who offer a wide range of road, triathlon, TT, track and youth bicycles.  On our showroom floor, you can find the E119, E117, Gallium Pro, Gallium Pro Disc, Krypton and the Krypton X-Road.

Complete bike pricing starting at $1749 + GST for Road, $3299 + GST for Triathlon and $899 + GST for Junior.

Please visit the Argon 18 website for more details. As always, we can custom build your bike from the group-set, cock-pit and wheels.

Argon 18


If you have haven’t already guessed, we love craft bicycle companies especially if they are Canadian!  T-Lab is our new partner at TCR providing a line-up of revolutionary Titanium frames and complete bikes.  T-Lab is new to the bike world but their history is extensive.  T-Lab was formerly Guru Cycles of whom TCR was partnered with for several years.   Tony Giannascoli, the original founder of Guru, has started up this boutique brand based out of Montreal focusing on beautiful Titanium frames and custom carbon repair.

Tony and his staff have developed a new proprietary method of making Titanium frames that is truly revolutionary.  Frames are now 25% lighter than traditional Titanium frames (1200-1400g) making them competitive with Carbon frames, except with one exception….they are more durable and robust!  T-Lab has two new models of road and cyclo-cross/gravel bikes including options of custom paint and design.

Please visit T-Lab and drop by TCR to see the new revolution in bicycle craftsmanship!