Go-Getter Triathlon

Go-Getter Triathlon

The TCR Go-Getter program has been designed for the newbie to triathlon, the person with limited time as well as those looking for a well rounded weekly fitness program.

You will receive four coached workouts per week from the TCR coaching staff. Our coaches are all very experienced working with athletes of all abilities, and all have a background anchored in science to best understand the physiology of the body and how it adapts to exercise.

Program Overview


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Once you get into the groove of training, we can show you the other services we offer at TCR which will complement your training.  These will be offered at 15% off and include:

  • Metabolic VO2 test for the bike and/or run (HR / Power / Speed/ Fat burning Zones)
  • Professional Bike fit.  To dial your current bike or help you choose a new road or triathlon bike
  • Hematocrit and Hemoglobin.  A quick blood test to make sure your training and nutrition is optimal
  • On-line coaching.   For those looking for extra workout guidance targeted to specific race or goal.

Go-Getter Triathlon Training Schedule*


6:00AMBike @ TCR
9:00AMBi-weekly Sunday Run @ TCR
10:00AMCross @ TCR
12:00PMBike @ TCR
1:00PMBi-weekly Saturday Run @ TCR
6:00PMCross @ TCR
7:00PMSwim @ MRUBike @ TCRSwim @ MRU
*Choose 1 Swim, 1 Bike, 1 Cross and the Run

Program Dates

Nov 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017

Register and get more information at info@tcrsportlab.com