Functional Movement Screen:

Want to understand more about how your body performs so you can make the most out of your training?
Smart training comes from a foundation of knowing your body’s strengths and weaknesses so you can strive in those areas that may be easier and improve the areas with limitations. Our Functional Movement Screening (FMS) establishes your baseline to determine potential weaknesses that need to be addressed in your training.

It involves two evaluation screens:
1) Functional Movement Screen
– Assesses fundamental movement patterns of an individual through a point-based system
– Individual movements will be demonstrated by the tester and then preformed three consecutive times by the client.

2) Y Balance Test
– Dynamic test performed in a single leg or single arm stance
– Compares readings from the right and left side

Both the FMS and Y Balance Test involve strength, flexibility, core control and proprioception and once both are completed you will receive a report with the final scores.

If your score is below a certain number it suggests you are at a higher risk for injury. Your results may lead you to a recommendation for a specific health care practitioner, an individualized training program that will focus on basic and specific mobility and stability exercises, or just to take home a report on the results given. It is also great to have so you have a baseline of information that you can then improve on and re-test.


The FMS is being used as a measurement for teams such as the NHL and Olympic level athletes but also as a tool for the public of any age or level who need specific information to improve day-to-day activities.

Price: $99 + GST (allow 75 min for appointment)

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