Altitude Lab

Bringing the mountains down to you!

Canada’s first Altitude room

Get fit like never before!

At TCR, we love using science to help you achieve your goals. Canada’s first dedicated Altitude Lab is our way of helping you achieve them. The “human body is a wonderful organism that continually adapts to a stimulus.”  Our stimulus is to use short episodes of altitude exposure to produce a positive change in your body.  You will experience an improvement in your metabolism, fitness and body composition in a relatively short period of time.

Our Altitude Lab:
: up to 8 people
Modalities: 2 Treadmills and 4 stationary bicycles by PowerTap
How: Walk, run, cycle or row
Elevations: Sea level to 17,000 ft (5181 m)

What happens in the Altitude Lab?

Each session is 60-75 min consisting of interval walking, running, cycling or rowing.  The degree of effort is dependent on your fitness and experience.  The session is customized to your ability.   We monitor your SPO2 (oxygen saturation) to make sure you are getting the appropriate training effect.  At normal elevation, your SPO2 is at 97-100% saturation.  At Altitude, we aim to drop your SPO2 between 80-90% on each interval.  Our coaches help you with every set.  Everyone responds differently at Altitude and that is how we customize each session.

What to expect:

Based off our Altitude study and participants to date, the average power increase is 10-25 watts over 6 sessions!   Runners have seen 3-6% improvement in their race times and the walkers have experienced 3-15 lbs of weight loss. As for hematocrit and hemoglobin, the results are variable between each participant.  Some people do show a positive change in their blood while others remain the same.

How high do we go and how long does it last?

9000-12,000 ft (2700-3600 m).  Through our research and trials, we have found that this elevation range achieves significant and positive changes for each person.  You can expect the “Altitude effects” to last 4-6 weeks after your sessions.



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