Altitude Class Description

Altitude Class Descriptions

Weight Loss

Are you looking to drop a few extra pounds but have hit a plateau? When your exercise and nutrition plans are not getting you the results you desire, Altitude Training is a viable option to get your metabolism moving again. There are two points to consider on why to try Altitude training for weight loss: 
Increase Caloric Expenditure and improvement in Fat Utilization


You may simply just want to get ready for a high altitude trip to Kilimanjaro or a hike in the mountains. Not everyone has the opportunity to drive or travel to these destinations, which is where our Altitude Lab can help with the preparation.  If setting a personal best is in order, do what all high performance athletes do, go to Altitude.  You will see an improvement in power and speed but also energy.  Use science to get ready!

Train High - 23 weeks
The greatest adaptations occur over 6000ft.
Most of us spend our time at or below Canmore, Alberta, meaning it is difficult for us to get the “mountain magic.” 
Our new 23-week program is designed to give you that magic!
Each week we will take you to a new elevation, where we will do intensity intervals and aerobic efforts.  
It’s not all hard but rather a methodical approach to give you the benefits of altitude each week.
Program Structure:
Week 1: Stelvio Pass / Haleakala 
Week 2: Letras
Week 3: Calgary / Victoria
Week 4: Pikes Peak / Mount Evans
Week 5: Highwood Pass / Mont Ventoux
Make-up Sessions

In the event of a missed session, participants are allowed to show up to another session ONLY if 24hr advance notice is given. When making up for a missed session, space is allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, and is never guaranteed. Make ups can only be redeemed within the time-frame of the program block in which the class was missed.