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TCR Sport Lab was born out of a vision to a create a place where people of any fitness level could feel welcome and supported to out perform yourself. At TCR we believe the best foundation is a science based approach to take your body to your best and we work beside you to achieve those goals. We consider anyone who walks through our door an athlete. It might be your first rodeo, competing at a national level or simply getting back at it after a few years off. At TCR our coaching staff are highly trained in the areas of the science of exercise, keenly observant in how we move and doing our best to be the best for you!





Jon MacKayService and Retail Manager

Born in Calgary but raised in Houston Jon has always called Calgary home. Jon graduated from ACAD with a degree in Print Media. He continues to explore his creative side by practicing as an artist focusing on large scale prints, drawing and paintings.

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Andrew DavidsonService Shop Mechanic and Cycling Coach

Born in the flatland of Winnipeg, AD has been riding a bike since he could walk. Doing his first mountain bike race at the age of 13, he has had immense success within the world of cycling racing. He is currently a member of the Lead Out Project Cycling team.

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Jon ChurchillStrength coach and Bike Fitter

Born and raised in Ottawa Valley, Jon studied Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo. Having always had a love for the mountains Jon hopped on a bus and travelled west. With no job, and no place to stay, Jon applied his trade up north working in Fort St. John for 2 years.

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Amanda RegnierStrength & Swim Coach, Exercise Physiologist
BSc Kin, MSc, CSCS

Saskatoon born, Amanda completed her B.Sc. Kin. at the University of Saskatchewan while competing for the U of S Huskies Cross Country

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TCR Sport Lab
Selina Campbell Indoor cycling / Triathlon team program design

Selina flew over the pond and set up shop in Calgary. Originally from England, she has a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University. Selina is a single mom of 3, the most important people in her life. She constantly strives to be a positive role model in her kids lives.

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Nathaniel Minichiello Exercise Physiologist and Performance Coach

Born on an overcast day in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nathaniel moved West after completing his undergraduate degree, a BSc in Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University. While at StFX, Nathaniel competed on the track and field team, racing in the 300m, 600m 4 x400m and 4 x 200m.

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Janelle KendellPerformance Coach

Janelle was born into a family of cyclists in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and her love for all things two-wheeled began early. While studying Sport Psychology at the University of Calgary, she also worked in the cycling industry as a sales representative and discovered a passion for road cycling.

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TCR Sport Lab
Cory FaganPartner, Exercise Physiologist and Performance Coach
BPE (Hons), MSc

Cory’s passion for sport and applied sport science led him to create TCR Sport Lab in 2006, along with Jill Sagan, Janet Lattimer-Skeith and Rick Skeith. A two-time graduate from the University of …

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TCR Sport Lab
Jill SaganPartner and Operations Manager

At TCR Sport Lab, we believe that it takes more than an athlete to be a coach. As both a certified instructor CSIA Level IV instructor and CSCF coach for over 18 years…

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TCR Sport Lab
Rick SkeithPartner
Senior Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP

Rick Skeith is a founding member and big supporter of TCR Sport Lab. During the day, Rick is a practicing senior partner at the Norton-Rose-Fullbright Law firm in Calgary…

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I tipped the scales at 161.2 pounds today‹down from 195 pounds in January.  Your weight-loss plan continues to astound me!  Thanks.

Pat K. Weekend Warrior, Calgary, AB Canada

Cory was great as usual and gave me just enough to work on that I’m not overwhelmed.  Definitely feel like changing 35+ years of the same running technique is not impossible. Thanks!

Carli T. Runner, Calgary, AB Canada

Thanks, the training really seems to be working. This is the best coaching I’ve ever gotten as we are really working well together.

Russ G. Cyclist, Calgary, AB Canada

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome aerobar fit this week. I just finished the High River race and spent much of my bike ride in the aerobars despite them being brand new.  It just felt so comfortable!  I increased my average speed and felt stronger heading into the run.  See you in the shop soon!

Shan O'fee Byrom Triathlete, Calgary, AB Canada

At TCR Sport Lab we have a passionate group of people who want to help you get better in all aspects of your life.  Have a look to learn more about the great team at TCR and how they can help you get better fast.